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June 15, 2011

Dear Friends who are Clients and Clients who are Friends:

Owing to the ever-increasing costs of software, hardware, equipment and supplies, I am compelled to adjust my rate structure.  This will be the first increase since February, 2008.  The new rates will be effective July 15, 2011.

The hourly rate for computer services for individuals is now $80, with a ½ hour minimum.

The hourly rate for computer services for businesses is now $100, with a 1 hour minimum.

Computer services include hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair, upgrades, networking, Internet, virus-removal, help with digital cameras or other electronics, help with purchasing computers, cameras or other electronics, and training on computers, cameras or other electronics, software, photo editing, and most anything that is related to computers, cameras or other electronics.

Service calls must be scheduled at least twenty-four hours in advance.  Emergency service is available for an additional $40 for individuals and $60 for businesses.  Cancellation with less than twenty-four hours’ notice will incur a fee of $20.

Photography, photo restoration, touch-up, and image editing is now $100 per hour.  Pricing for photo printing and scanning depends on the parameters of the images, such as: resolution, color depth, paper type, size, lifespan, and the required color accuracy.  For example, reproducing a standard 4x6 color photograph costs $6.00.  Additional copies are $2.00.  Enlarging a color 4x5 print to 8x10 costs $20.  Additional copies are $10.  Properly stored standard print photographs should last a minimum of 40 years.  Greater longevity is available for an additional fee.

Photography, including portraits, events and product photos, is priced based on the specifications of the job.

These changes are necessary in order for me to continue providing the high quality of service to which you have become accustomed.  The new rates and scheduling policy go into effect July 15, 2011.  Work that has been scheduled prior to July 15 will be charged at the old rates.

I am grateful for the opportunity to come into your homes and offices to help with your computer and photography needs.  Please know that I considered these changes very thoroughly before concluding that I have to implement them.  I believe you will find that my rates continue to be competitive and my availability is much better than other professional service providers.  You also have the comfort of knowing that work is being done by a degreed electrical engineer with decades of experience designing computers and other electronics.  I encourage you to visit http://pacompudoctor.com to examine my credentials and experience.

Thank you again for your continued business.



Neil Hoffman


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