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Who is Compu_Doctor?

Curriculum Vitae

is owned and operated by Neil Hoffman, BSEE.  Mr. Hoffman has been an electrical engineer for thirty years- innovating, designing, manufacturing, bringing to market and supporting computer-based and electronic products for industrial, commercial and consumer use.  He has been working with computers since the days when mainframes ruled the Earth- desiging, building, programming, maintaining and deploying computers and networks.  His clients have included Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, and individuals.  With an enormous breadth of experience and a diverse client base, Mr. Hoffman effectively helps a wide range of customers with their technical needs, big and small.

During the dot-com boom of the '90s, Mr. Hoffman led a team of engineers developing sophisticated data and transaction security systems using cutting-edge technology.  He created Application Specific Integrated Circuits, Operating Systems, security protocols, device drivers, Windows applications and consumer products containing these technologies.  The Trusted Platform Module that is becoming ubiquitous in personal computers is an evolution of the work that Mr. Hoffman pioneered.

Much of Mr. Hoffman's career has included educating clients, from CEOs and technology wizards to budding computer users, in general computer and electronics knowledge, and specific devices and systems that he has developed.  With a thorough understanding of how people absorb and integrate information, and an unusual level of patience and sensitivity, Mr. Hoffman's focus on learning, rather than teaching, promises a substantive, satisfying learning experience.

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