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A good thing has been happening among clients.  People are expressing concern about privacy and security, the importance of which I can never emphasize strongly enough, though I’ve been known to go on and on about them.  I spent many years working with data security, and I am a strong- some say fanatical- proponent of privacy protections.

has a very simple privacy policy: your data belongs to you.  It is your property, your responsibility and any use of it requires your permission.  If we need to make a backup, examine files, set up a wireless network or email account, assist with online shopping or financial account management, recover disks, migrate to a new computer, or do anything that in any way gives us access to your private information, including, e.g., passwords, account numbers, and secret questions, that data will only be used to effect the repairs or do other work that you have explicitly requested or approved.  will never otherwise use or share any of your private information with anyone for any reason.  If we are legally required to release information, we will interpret any such requirements as narrowly as possible.  In the event of a data breach, any client whose data has been compromised will be immediately alerted.  does not store client data in the cloud.  All storage is physically secured and isolated from the Internet.

If sub-contracts work, the contractor will be bound by ’s privacy policy.  The primary example is sending a physically or electrically damaged hard drive to a special lab for data recovery.

If you or your business has specific requirements, please let us know.  has many clients in the medical and legal fields and is well versed in their data protection needs.




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