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360 degree images

Realtors know that, while buyers endeavour to make logical, calculated, well thought out decisions, they are often driven at least in part by emotion.  Good photography can whet the appetite more effectively than a verbal description, and can draw the prospect’s attention to the most distinguishing positive aspects of a property.  Mediocre images can do more damage than no images.  If the viewer is unimpressed with what she sees on the screen or on paper, she is not likely to take the next step.  You want to present a prospective buyer with images that accurately depict the property, while highlighting the positive aspects in an appealing way.  The trick is to capture both the big picture and the little details- the big picture provides a foundation for the wonderful little details that differentiate the property.  If you are selling an historic property, it might be beneficial to focus on the intricate carving of a door frame or a section of wrought iron fence to project the feeling of the time in which it was created.  Every good salesperson knows that you have to understand your audience.  One size does not fit all.  It is important, when offering pictorial access to a place, to focus on the things that carry the most weight with that audience. can help present your wares in the most positive light.


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